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Kinetics of tumor cell killing by tumor-infiltrating leukocytes

Dr. Cara Haymaker, The University of Texas MDACC



The classical methods of assessing tumor killing by an effector T cells relies upon an estimation of the timing of this recognition and as such, this event may be missed. The ACEA xCELLigence system can be used to assess the kinetics of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte recognition and killing of autologous or HLA-matched primary tumor cell lines, allowing for a non-biased timing approach to explore the impact of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte modification on their killing ability.

Watch this webinar to learn how Dr. Haymaker and her team are using the ACEA xCELLigence system to:

  • Assess the reactivity of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes
  • Modulate the mechanisms of resistance to therapy and explore biomarkers involved in the response
  • Making tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes resistant to TGFβ-mediated suppression