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Untangling Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology

Spatial and single cell analyses offer clues to Alzheimer’s disease progression.


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Alzheimer’s disease is a complex neurodegenerative disease that engages myriad cellular and molecular players leading to progressive neuronal loss. Single cell sequencing combined with spatial methodologies allow researchers to profile thousands of cells in their native tissue space by charting their physical location. However, neighboring cells residing in the same environment also share different protein and epigenetic markers. Multiomic approaches that integrate single cell gene expression, chromatin state, spatial transcriptomics, and protein expression data paint a full picture of the brain’s biological complexity.

Download this application note from 10x Genomics to learn how a single cell and spatial multiomic approach reveals disease progression and new biomarkers in an Alzheimer’s mouse model, including

  • Using single cell gene expression analysis to discover cell type–specific markers
  • Performing motif enrichment analysis of differentially-accessible chromatin regions to identify plaque-associated transcription factors
  • Running spatial analysis to uncover localized gene expression changes occurring in discrete anatomical brain regions