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The History of Immunotherapy

How immunotherapy advanced from mice to men


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In the 19th century, a young bone surgeon and cancer researcher, William B. Coley, noticed that cancer patients often experienced remission following infections. This observation sparked the idea of cancer immunotherapy. Today, scientists have myriad options for treating cancers via immunotherapy, and the research field is more active than ever. Great strides in immunology and cancer research have led to emerging therapies, including adoptive cell therapy (ACT), immune checkpoint inhibition, and cancer vaccines—all of which show great promise for treating a multitude of cancers.

Download this poster from BD Biosciences and The Scientist's Creative Services Team to learn how

  • Immunotherapy has advanced from Coley's toxins in the 1800s to today's modern, targeted approaches
  • Researchers are using antibodies, adoptive cell transfer, immunomodulators, oncolytic virus therapy, and cancer vaccines for hard-to-treat cancers