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Synthetic Genes Accelerate Antibody Development

Reduce antibody development time to a matter of months using synthetic DNA




Timely vaccine development is critical for mitigating disease spread and preventing or addressing a pandemic. Yet vaccine development can take years. Therapeutic antibody development for rapid treatment of infectious disease offers the potential for creating a rapid response to stop outbreaks from becoming pandemics. Researchers screen tens-of-thousands of possible antibody candidates from the serum of survivors. Standard processes to generate antibody candidates can take months to years. Synthetically generating candidate genes for antibodies significantly reduces the time it takes to fight disease and expedites antibody-based therapeutics and vaccines.

Download this case study from Twist Bioscience to learn how

  • Synthetic gene synthesis contributes to new rapid pandemic response efforts
  • High-throughput affordable synthetic DNA accelerates antibody identification
  • Highly scalable gene synthesis expedites vaccine development and delivery