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How Microplate Readers Can Improve Food Quality

Learn to leverage the technology used in biopharmaceutical labs to ensure the safety and highest quality of beer, wine, and food.

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Microplate readers are a mainstay in biopharmaceutical and academic research labs pursuing drug discovery, bioassay validation, quality control, and the manufacturing processing in general. They can be used to rapidly detect and measure microbial growth and other contaminants, as well as key compounds and proteins that might affect the safety, quality, or taste of food products.

In this eBook from Molecular Devices, learn how the SpectraMax microplate absorbance readers and SoftMax Pro Software can improve the quality and ensure the safety of beer, wine, and food, all while saving you time and effort.

Download this eBook from Molecular Devices to learn how to

  • Rapidly detect melamine and endotoxin contamination
  • Reduce bitterness and improve taste using compound identification
  • Identify optimal fermentation using metabolite detection
  • Efficiently quantify gluten levels in beer
  • Measure L-malic acid, residual sugar, and phenolic compounds in wine