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Spotlight on Immunology

Five scientists using single cell sequencing are revealing the complexities of the immune system

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The immune response is complex, with multiple cell types in the body responding rapidly when provoked. The wide range of cellular responses presents a challenge for researchers trying to unravel the mysteries of the immune system.

For a long time, large-scale generation of cellular-level data was impossible; this prevented a full exploration of the depth of immune cell heterogeneity. That is no longer the case. In this eBook, we profile five scientists who are using next generation single cell sequencing techniques to discover better solutions for patients.

Download this eBook from The Scientist's Creative Services team and 10x Genomics to learn about how

  • Jimmie Ye maps biological circuits using a combination of single cell genomics and machine learning
  • Ansuman Satpathy investigates genetic switches that dictate immune cell behavior
  • Ivelin Georgiev designs more effective antibodies using computational strategies
  • Alexandra-Chloé Villani studies hidden attributes in immune cells
  • Akira Takeda establishes the relationships between immune and non-immune cells