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Safeguarding Precious Cell Lines from Mycoplasma Contamination

Discover typical routes of mycoplasma contamination and strategies to prevent contamination in the cell culture room.





Detecting mycoplasma in cultured cell lines is a common but unfortunate occurrence for researchers. Eradicating the bacteria is difficult once they have entered the cell culture room. Due to the bacteria’s small size and high resilience, they can penetrate sterilizing-grade filters and survive for days on the surface of lab equipment. To avoid mycoplasma infection, scientists must employ good cell culture practices and implement strategies to detect contamination.

Download this application note from Sartorius to learn about

  • The effects of mycoplasma contamination on cell metabolism and growth
  • Typical routes of contamination and strategies to prevent them
  • Best practices to remove mycoplasma from lab equipment
  • Implementing a regular testing protocol to detect mycoplasma contamination