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Rising Stars in Neuroscience

Profiles of eight up-and-coming scientists looking to push boundaries and tread new paths in neuroscience research




The complexity and dynamism of the nervous system presents considerable research challenges, but little by little, day by day, scientists are working to overcome these hurdles and improve our understanding of neurological physiology and disease.

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  • Darcie Moore investigates asymmetrical inheritance during neural stem cell division
  • Daniel Colón-Ramos studies how synapse assembly impacts animal behavior
  • Michelle Monje looks at the origins of pediatric brain tumors
  • Mingshan Xue develops new models for pediatric epilepsy
  • Katherine Thompson-Peer uses modern techniques to study dendrite regeneration
  • Anne Churchland decodes decision making
  • Todd Cohen explores protein quality control mechanisms in neurodegenerative disorders
  • Stephen Liberles strives to characterize vagus nerve activity at a molecular level