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Real-time cell analysis for developing cancer immunotherapy

A robust in vitro assay assesses cell behavior




Cancer immunotherapy involves harnessing and enhancing the innate powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Researchers use many experimental methods to screen and evaluate immune cell‐mediated killing, but predicting treatment efficacy is a challenge. The technology is now available for monitoring cultured cell number, size, attachment, and migration in real time, facilitating researchers efforts to develop and test new immunotherapy approaches.

Download this eBook from Agilent Technologies to learn about real-time cell analysis for

  • Measuring quantitative, real-time kinetics and target-cell cytolysis with exquisite sensitivity
  • Studying diverse effector cells and molecules
  • Measuring cytotoxic effects of CAR-T cells or monoclonal antibodies, optimizing the potency of combination therapies, and measuring off-target effects
  • Conducting experiments in label-free conditions, with no tags, luciferases, or dyes