Multiplex IHC Staining on Free-Floating Human Brain Tissue

 A non-biotin, one-step detection system for the simultaneous probing of multiple antigens

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) on human brain tissue sections is widely used for diagnosis purposes, as it allows for the visualization of specific antigens and their cellular and compartmental distribution.
Handling brain tissue can be very challenging depending on brain removal and tissue quality conditions, especially when attempting to employ free-floating IHC techniques. The ability to perform multiplexed IHC on free-floating samples would be a step forward towards analyzing larger and thicker specimens. 
Enzo Life Sciences has developed a non-biotin, one-step detection system suitable for multiplexed IHC, which facilitates faster and more consistent staining with lower background signal than traditional biotin-avidin/streptavidin methods. Find out more about the superior intensity, sensitivity, and specificity that the MULTIVIEW® PLUS IHC Kit offers with this application note from Enzo Life Sciences!
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