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Multiomic Single Cell CRISPR Screens Reveal Cancer Evasion Mechanisms

Researchers use Perturb-CITE-seq to perform powerful multiomic pooled CRISPR screens.

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Pooled CRISPR screens allow scientists to rapidly query the entire genome for genes that function in a pathway or process of interest. To further increase the information that can be gleaned from individual mutant cells, researchers develop technologies to connect pooled CRISPR screens with high-throughput multiomic analyses. For example, Perturb-CITE-seq allows scientists to perform single cell transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of CRISPR-modified cells.

Download this research snapshot from 10x Genomics to discover how scientists performed a Perturb-CITE-seq screen on melanoma that provided critical insights into the pathways that cancer cells hijack to evade the body’s immune system.