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More Than Just H2O - Water Quality in the Laboratory

Discover how water contamination affects data quality with this eBook!




Water is essential to life-sciences research, but for many scientists, the most thought given to this ubiquitious reagent is "how much of it do I need?" Because water is capable of acting as a solvent to many substances and capable of sustaining life, it can be easily contaminated. Even within a single laboratory, the water used in one experiment can differ from that used in another.

Not all water is alike, and it's important to consider water as a laboratory reagent and scrutinize it accordingly. Understanding the importance of water quality and monitoring it closely is important for ensuring experimental reproducibility across days, months, and
even years.

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  • How water contamination affects data quality
  • How water quality is measured and determined
  • How to obtain water suitable for your experimental needs
  • Potential contaminants in laboratory water

This free eBook was made possible by an educational grant from Sartorius.