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Maintaining Physiological Conditions During Cell Culture

Workstations that offer continuous physiological oxygen levels pair with imaging and cell assays.

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Moving cell culture plates from the incubator to the workbench and back exposes cells to variable oxygen levels, which rapidly affect gene expression and cell morphology. Ideally, researchers maintain their cultures at constant physiological oxygen concentrations, even while performing experiments. Closed bench culture systems mimic in vivo conditions by creating controlled environments where parameters such as oxygen remain consistent. Researchers combine live cell imaging and cell assays with these workstations to analyze their cultures in physiological conditions.

Watch this webinar from The Baker Company to learn

  • Why oxygen is important for intracellular processes
  • How cells respond to differences in oxygen
  • The benefits of a closed bench culture system
  • How researchers study cell signaling dynamics within workstations that provide continuous physiological environments