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Investigating the Immune Response Using Advanced Flow Cytometry

Discover how researchers are using flow cytometry to delve into the inner workings of the immune life cycle.




The immune system protects the human body from foreign and internal threats. Despite the diverse nature of potential pathogens, the immune response is generally conserved. At the same time, individual cell types within the immune response exhibit a range of roles and activities depending on their location, genetic profile, functional phenotype, and the nature of the threat. Flow cytometry, with its ability to rapidly quantify, profile, and characterize large numbers of individual cells, is invaluable to delineating the inner machinations of the immune response.

Download this ebook from The Scientist's Creative Services team and Sartorius to investigate

  • The stages of the immune life cycle
  • How advanced flow cytometry aids infectious disease research
  • Characterizing T cells with advanced flow cytometry
  • How scientists use advanced flow cytometry to understand cancer