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Improving ELISA-Based Host Cell Protein Detection for Biologic Production

Discover methods to improve coverage analysis of any cell line.



Discover technologies for more sensitive immunodiagnostic assays

Scientists manufacturing biological drugs (biologics), such as monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic proteins, must ensure that they remove all cell culture-related impurities, including host cell proteins (HCPs), from their samples. To do this, they perform ELISAs with specialized polyclonal antibodies, but must first determine the assay’s sensitivity to cell line-specific HCPs by doing a coverage analysis on cells that don’t express the biologic. However, when the original cell line is unavailable, coverage analysis becomes complicated because the biologic’s high concentration masks a subset of HCPs.

Watch this webinar from Cytiva to learn

  • How the presence of a biologic alters coverage analysis
  • How to perform coverage analysis when a control cell line is unavailable
  • How to clear a biologic from a sample to improve coverage analysis