Elimination of false positives due to endogenous signals

Interference by endogenous antibodies (heterophiles, HAMA, HAAA, RF, and others) in immunoassays is a well-documented phenomenon which still continues to plague the immunoassay industry. Multiplex assays can be particularly vulnerable to these effects and can leave the user with confusing and inaccurate data at best and erroneous interpretations at worst. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to produce an assay design that can manage these and other sample matrix effects to produce accurate data.
Download this poster from R&D Systems to learn:
  • The profound effects that unresolved HAMA and RF can have on the data
  • How development expertise and assay design can eliminate or reduce the effects of endogenous antibodies
  • How this reduction impacts the quality and accuracy of multiplex assay data