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Identifying Prognostic Biomarkers in COVID-19

Single-cell proteomics provides novel insights to COVID-19 disease progression

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COVID-19 patients exhibit a wide variety of symptoms, making it difficult to predict their disease progression. However, by understanding the disease’s immune biomarkers, effective treatments can be identified and administered at early disease stages. Using a functional proteomics platform, researchers analyzed the complete immune landscape of COVID-19 patients. They identified rare subsets of immune cells and characterized cytokines driving the immune response, revealing novel biomarkers that improved their understanding of SARS-CoV-2 infection for identifying and developing effective therapeutics for early intervention.

Download this research summary to learn how James R. Heath from the Institute for Systems Biology and his team used IsoPlexis’ highly functional single-cell proteomics to identify prognostic biomarkers of inflammation in COVID-19.