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An Optimized User Experience for Microbiome Research

An all-in-one system simplifies stool collection and stabilizes DNA for microbiome profile analysis.

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Human gut microbiome research often requires study participants to self-collect stool samples, which presents several challenges. An all-in-one stool collection and DNA stabilization system improves the user experience when self-collecting and enhances compliance to generate reliable data in a variety of microbiome studies.

View this webinar from DNA Genotek Inc. to learn about the OMNIgene®•GUT collection system.

  • Best practices for stool collection to improve donor experience and sample return rate
  • The importance of using validated Instructions for Use (IFU) for successful collection
  • Real-life compliance and user experience results from a large cohort of elderly men


Tara Crawford Parks Tara Crawford Parks
Senior Scientist, R&D
DNA Genotek

Melanie Abrahamson-Sommer, MPH, CCRP
Senior Research Associate, Department of Endocrinology, Bone and Mineral Unit
Oregon Health & Science University

Laura Cunningham Laura Cunningham
Product Manager, DNA Genotek