How Safe is Your Gel Stain?


If a gel stain can penetrate living cells, is it really safe?

Ethidium bromide has been used for a long time by researchers for DNA staining, but given its mutagenic properties, many are seeking safer options.

A number of dyes have been marketed as "safe" because they are not mutagenic in lab tests. However, many of these contain highly membrane permeable fluorescent dyes, some of which are known to be highly toxic to cells and potentiators of DNA damage by UV light and other mutagens. 

GelRedTM and GelGreenTM present a solution to this conundrum. These non-toxic and non-mutagenic gel stains are specifically designed to be cell membrane impermeable. 

Download this application note from Biotium to find out more about the safety, sensitivity, and accuracy provided by GelRed and GelGreen!