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Small Contaminants, Big Problems

Researchers detect trace amounts of contaminants in minutes to ensure experimental success.




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Contamination in the lab is a constant concern for scientists in both academic and industry research settings. Many researchers assume that standard cleaning procedures such as a wipe-down with ethanol or a run through the autoclave removes all contaminants from materials and surfaces. While scientists should evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning protocols in all research settings, cleaning validation is especially important in situations where trace amounts of contaminants can have profound consequences, such as in clinical research and drug manufacturing processes.

Download this white paper from Excellims to learn

  • The sensitivity of high performance ion mobility spectrometry (HPIMS) to detect common contaminants such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, detergents, and excipients
  • How to implement HPIMS for rapid cleaning validation
  • How HPIMS helps pharmaceutical manufacturers meet cleaning validation needs