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Habitat for Disease: Disrupting the Tumor Microenvironment

The complexity of the tumor microenvironment presents unique technical challenges for researchers



No tumor prevails on its own. Rather, every tumor needs a community to thrive. Indeed, surrounding any one solid tumor are blood vessels, lymphatics, and a diverse neighborhood of cellular and noncellular components that engage in dynamic and bi-directional interactions. As such, it is fitting to conceptualize the tumor microenvironment (TME) as a heterogeneous and evolving ecosystem. The complexity of the TME presents unique technical challenges for researchers. But reliable tools, advanced systems, and smarter workflows that support both deeper analyses and reproducible results are not out of reach.

Download this eBook from Bio-Techne to learn about:

  • Improving the translational value of data obtained from 2D cell culture
  • Characterizing spatially chaotic niches
  • Quantitatively measuring cell heterogeneity
  • Dissecting signaling pathways in the TME