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Genome-Wide Precision Editing

The new era of CRISPR-based genome engineering


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CRISPR technologies revolutionized how scientists manipulate genomes. Researchers now easily edit DNA in record time; however, when performing large-scale genome engineering they must choose between introducing one type of edit throughout a genome or creating multiple edits at a single location. Inscripta’s new CRISPR-based technology gives scientists the power to do both in bacteria and yeast, right on their benchtops. The company’s advanced CRISPR-based platform, consisting of an instrument, consumables, software, and assays, offers a fully automated workflow that enables massively parallel, trackable editing of single cells at an unprecedented scale.

Download this ebook from Inscripta to learn about

  • Genome-wide CRISPR-based gene editing with the Onyx platform
  • Massively parallel genome engineering of bacteria and yeast
  • Rapid genome evolution through combinatorial optimization
  • Synthetic biology applications of CRISPR-based forward engineering
  • How to gain large phenotypic leaps using the Design-Generate-Test-Learn cycle