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Explore Cells from the Inside Out

Learn about the wide variety of applications used in modern cell biology




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Modern cell biology requires a wide variety of applications to keep up with the numerous exciting directions of research. Detection technologies ranging from fluorescence to cellular imaging have become common in today’s laboratories.

Download this eBook from Molecular Devices to learn how to

  • Validate CRISPR-edited cells
  • Measure intracellular reactive oxygen species
  • Analyze spectral signatures of surface functionalized nanoparticles
  • Normalize HTRF cytokine assays to cell viability
  • Streamline measuring IgG in cell line development
  • Monitor NF-κB activation with a sensitive dual reporter assay
  • Acquire and analyze images of FUCCI spheroids
  • Detect SNPs with KASP genotyping technology
  • Measure cell health with viability assays
  • Monitor Gq protein-coupled receptor activation
  • Study protein interactions with NanoBRET technology
  • Measure intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence