Establishing Microbiome Measurement Standards

What story does your microbiome tell?

Like most scientific fields, Microbiomics faces challenges with regard to standardization and harmonization. The community is facing concerns regarding poor data quality and reproducibility across labs due to a lack of standard reference materials and guidelines for quality microbiome measurements, a problem exacerbated by the vast variety of biomedical data resources available.
Implementing rigorous metadata standards facilitates opportunities for discovery and the transcendence of knowledge. Moving forward, the health of the field depends on such standards to ensure microbiome measurements are accurate and reproducible.
In this Microbiomics special edition newsletter from Zymo Research, learn about:
  • Improving microbiome measurement accuracy and reproducibility across labs
  • Using microbial reference controls to obtain high quality microbiome data
  • Metagenomic standards across the globe and beyond
  • Optimizing sample collection for microbiome analysis
  • Overcoming challenges and bias in nucleic acid isolation and library preparation/analysis
  • The microbiome of international cellphones