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Enabling Ultrasensitive Protein Quantification

Measure protein concentrations 1,000x lower than standard immunoassays with the Simoa technology




Quanterix’ digital biomarker detection technology, Simoa®, is changing the way in which the biology of health and disease is studied by giving researchers the ability to examine critical proteins and nucleic acids, at ultra low - even baseline - levels, in most common sample types. Using the unique homebrew capabilities, researchers are provided with the flexibility to develop custom Simoa assays using their own anitbodies.

Download this application note to learn about how the Quanterix Homebrew Kit:

  • Can measure proteins at 1,000 times lower concentrations than standard immunoassays
  • Supports researchers using their own antibodies to develop custom digital assays
  • Helps deliver a 2-3 log-fold improvement in sensitivity compared to conventional ELISAs within two to three days