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Making Critical Decisions in the Era of Precision Medicine

New tools guide physician decision-making in the rising era of genomic profiling and precision medicine.




Genetic testing at both the clinical and direct-to-consumer level is becoming more prolific. With this change comes an overwhelming surge of data. It can be challenging for clinicians to sift through mountains of individualized genomic data to relate those findings back to existing electronic health records and medical databases.

Clinical decision support tools such as Qiagen’s QCI Interpret assists clinicians in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting patient data. Qiagen’s QCI Interpret provides up-to-date expert curated data that saves clinicians valuable time in identifying disease variants and biomarkers. It automatically incorporates diagnostic and prognostic criteria to help clinicians to efficiently and accurately make the best clinical decision. 

Download this eBook from Qiagen to learn more about

  • The challenges and future of precision medicine in the clinic
  • How QCI Interpret can help physicians in clinical decision making
  • Streamlining and processing next generation sequencing data
  • Delivering better patient care with QCI Interpret