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Spotlight on Neuroscience

Profiling five neuroscientists who use single cell and spatial profiling techniques to gain new insights into nervous system dysfunction

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Neuroscientists are now employing single cell and spatial gene expression solutions to understand the mysteries of the brain. These new methods rapidly advance our knowledge of the nervous system and may pave the way for new neurological disease treatments. 

In this eBook, we profile five neuroscientists at the cutting edge of neuroscience research. While their specific interests differ, their ultimate goal is unified: to understand and find cures for devastating neurological disorders.

Download this eBook from The Scientist's Creative Services team and 10x Genomics to learn about how

  • Brooke Hjelm explores the connections between mitochondrial dysfunction and neurological disorders
  • Konstantinos Meletis charts how the nervous system works by mapping neuronal circuits
  • Silas Maniatis uses spatial gene expression profiling to build a more complete view of ALS
  • Silvia Velasco develops 3D brain models for neuropsychiatric disease research
  • Methodios Ximerakis unlocks cellular-level secrets of the aging brain