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Early Disease Detection with Lateral Flow-Based Immunodiagnostic Tests

Improve lateral flow-based immunoassays to detect pathogens and biomarkers more accurately.




Sensitive diagnostics are essential tools for curbing the spread of infectious diseases. To rapidly detect the presence of a pathogen or biomarker in a patient sample, scientists incorporate lateral flow immunoassays into diagnostic tests such as COVID rapid tests. Because of their ease of use, lateral flow-based diagnostic tests exist for a variety of diseases, but their use is limited by their sensitivity. To overcome this problem, researchers develop innovative reagents, component materials, and reader technologies to predict disease more accurately.

Download this tech note from Cytiva to discover

  • How lateral flow immunoassays work
  • Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™), a new class of bioimaging probes that increase an immunoassay’s sensitivity
  • How to combine CPNs with ImageQuant™ 800 for optimal signal detection