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Digital PCR, Reimagined

dPCR with a simple qPCR-like workflow and 4-color multiplexing





Digital PCR (dPCR) is an emergent technology that is poised to become the new gold standard in precise nucleic acid quantitation. By dividing the reaction mixture into a large number of small, individual reactions, dPCR overcomes many of quantitative PCR’s (qPCR) limitations, such as a need for standard curves, an inability to accurately quantify a low number of target molecules, and a lack of sensitivity in high background conditions. However, currently available technologies suffer from time-consuming and complicated multi-step workflows that has limited dPCR’s adoption. Combinati provides a solution that integrates all required workflow steps into a single instrument to enable qPCR simplicity with dPCR accuracy.

Download this ebook from The Scientist's Creative Services team and Combinati to learn

  • How to perform dPCR with the ease of qPCR
  • How to save time, effort, and money with Combinati's system and consumables
  • Which applications benefit from dPCR