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Create Multiple Libraries for CRISPR Screening from a Single Oligo Pool

Generate numerous high-quality custom sgRNA libraries.




Functional genetic screening using the CRISPR system is a powerful tool for interrogating gene function at scale. However, existing pre-defined CRISPR sgRNA libraries constrain scientists implementing this technology, especially in the context of focused screens targeting specific subsets of genes. Using Twist Oligo Pools with a simple bioinformatics and wet-lab workflow, scientists can generate multiple individual custom sgRNA libraries from a single oligo pool to facilitate multiple focused CRISPR screens.

Download this application note from Twist Biosciences to discover how

  • Scientists use a single Twist Oligo Pool in combination with Custom Library Multiplexed Cloning ( to generate multiple focused custom sgRNA libraries that target small subsets of genes
  • Twist Oligo Pools preserve uniform representation of sgRNAs after demultiplexing individual libraries without cross-library contamination