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Advanced Flow Cytometry: Rapid Analysis for Complex Cell-Based Models

Assess multiple parameters in parallel 




Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic rise in the use of cell-based assays for drug discovery as researchers work to bridge the gap between results from classical biochemical assays and clinical studies. The complexity of cell-based assays has also increased significantly. Traditionally, these experiments were based on monocultures of immortal cell lines, grown either in suspension or as two-dimensional adherent cultures, and they examined a single parameter per test. Developments in assay technologies now allow researchers to assess multiple parameters in parallel, enabling more reliable phenotype-based screening for identifying potential “hits” from large libraries of candidate compounds. The iQue3 Advanced flow cytometry platform supports these efforts.

Download this white paper from Sartorius to learn

  • How to perform rapid, parallel analysis of microplate-based cellular assays
  • How to monitor multiple parameters, including cell health, specific target protein translation, and enzyme activity using advanced flow cytometry
  • How drug discovery benefits from advanced flow cytometry