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Accelerating Discovery with Single Cell CRISPR Screens

Researchers combine guide RNA identification and single cell transcriptomic analysis with direct capture technology.

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Single cell CRISPR screens, such as Perturb-seq, combine pooled CRISPR screens with single cell transcriptomics to enhance phenotypic profiling of manipulated cells. However, available methods for single cell CRISPR screens face technical and practical limitations that limit a screen’s combinatorial power and scalability. Researchers recently developed direct capture Perturb-seq to overcome these limitations and to enable scientists to perform complex CRISPR screens with combinatorial gene manipulations.

Download this research snapshot from 10x Genomics to discover

  • How direct capture Perturb-seq works
  • How this technology permits combinatorial CRISPR perturbations
  • How direct capture compares to indirect guide capture technologies