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A Guide to Real-Time Live-Cell Imaging & Analysis

Learn to use real-time live-cell imaging for a number of common applications




Real time live-cell imaging and analysis is re-defining cell biology. Researchers apply the technique to a wide range of phenotypic cellular assays, including cell proliferation, cell death and apoptosis, immune-cell killing, migration, chemotaxis, angiogenesis, neurite outgrowth, and phagocytosis. In each case, the full time-course data and videos from the assays provide greater biological insight than end point assays.

IncuCyte® systems enable researchers to monitor in vitro biological changes through real-time, automated live-cell imaging and analysis right inside an incubator, at a scale not previously possible.

Download this handbook from Sartorius to learn how IncuCyte systems are used in a range of different applications:

  • Cell culture quality control assays
  • Kinetic cell health and viability assays
  • Kinetic cell migration and invasion assays
  • Kinetic assays for quantifying protein dynamics
  • Kinetic assays utilizing complex models
  • Kinetic assays for studying neuronal models