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A Guide to Live-Cell Imaging
and Analysis

Performing assays in real time revolutionizes cell culture.




While cell imaging techniques have greatly advanced since the advent of microscopy, researchers still have unmet needs. For example, it is difficult to image cell cultures over long periods of time, and cells are often perturbed during the imaging process. A new generation of devices solves these problems by combining live-cell imaging and analysis into single, accessible platforms that capture and analyze images in real time within cell incubators. With these systems, researchers can perform a variety of cellular assays.

Download this handbook from Sartorius to learn about

  • Microscopy image processing
  • Cell culture quality control assays
  • Kinetic assays for numerous live-cell applications, including studies of
    - Cell health and viability
    - Immune cell models
    - Cell migration and invasion
    - Protein dynamics
    - Complex cell culture models