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Protein Biomarker Discovery and Analysis

A Drug Innovator's Guide



Circulating biomarkers, such as proteins, hold the greatest promise for advancing precision medicine. These can be investigated using minimally invasive methods and potentially unlock a hidden wealth of information about the mechanism of diseases, better prediction and treatment, and a path to a cure.

In recent years, there has been a marked move from single-marker studies to omics-based approaches, including genomics and proteomics. Since genomics takes a static picture of the system, genome-wide association studies have struggled to add actionable understanding of diseases that develop over time. Given the dynamic nature of proteins, the adoption of proteomics has enabled longitudinal studies and snapshots of the system throughout disease development or over the course of treatment.

Download this application note from Olink Proteomics to learn about:

  • Approaches to investigating proteins
  • The potential of proteomics for accelerating pharmaceutical development
  • How proteomics offers solutions to common problems facing drug development scientists