3 Dimensional Cell Based Assays in Hollow Fiber Bioreactors

John J. S. Cadwell and William J Whitford


Hollow fiber bioreactors (HFBR) offer a method by which cells can be cultured at tissue-like densities over long periods of time. Hollow fibers act as “artificial capillaries” and perform much as capillaries do in the human body.  The biomimetic HFBR system is a high-density continuous perfusion culture system. It presents many unique distinctions from the commonly employed non-porous plastic surfaces of eg, flasks, microcarrier beads and discs or roller bottles. HFBRs present a 3-D environment similar to the conditions found in vivo, and support the continuous control of such parameters as oxygenation levels, medium composition, drug concentration and shear stress. HFBRs are an effective means for in vitro assays and the generation of a number of products, from secreted proteins or viruses to cells or conditioned medium.  

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