A centrifuge-less flow cytometry system providing more consistent results

Preparing samples for flow cytometry commonly involves centrifuging, pelleting, and washing cells to remove excess unbound fluorescent marker. This process is inherently stressful and can potentially alter cell biology.

DA-Cell technology uses laminar flow washing and a unique SBS-standard 96-well plate to quickly and effectively remove excess fluorescent marker without the need for centrifugation or pelleting. The automated technique can be employed on cell suspensions with cell retention in excess of 95%. DA-Cell System washing minimizes the hands-on-time required to 3-4 minutes, rather than the 20-40 minutes needed with standard centrifugation-based methods.

Find out more about how DA-Cell automated methods work, how they promote consistent and reproducible data generation, and how they stack up against conventional centrifugation-based flow cytometry sample preparation protocols with this information package from Curiox BioSystems!
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